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Welcome to the hosted SharePoint services portal

The main purpose of this collection of web sites is to give to our partners and customers a public preview of the services we are offering both to Intranet and Extranet users, since the beginning of our business.

This demo, as a part of the development roadmap of the Phoibos project, is intended to be used by all authorized users for testing purposes, first af all for storing and managing all corporate files which usually reside on their internal file servers, so leveraging them from the need to maintain, syncronize and protect this local source of data to all their corporate employers. The project itself has evolved during this months, taking inspiration by our daily working in the most demanding IT environments, until it became a complete business strategy. A brief history of its evolution will be posted in the Phoibos project weblog.

Usage guidelines

All Valsania corporate users can access, store and share documents under the corporate site hierarchy by requesting the activation of a personal workspace at the address, or by submitting the form. Any other external user can have a workspace hosted by our company for testing purposes only. Since the SharePoint services are deployed by our IT staff using a new SQL Server 2005 Enterprise failover cluster temporary placed in the development lab, we cannot grant any data protection warranty (at least until we bring it in the production environment).

Security policy

All site hierarchies are available to our corporate intranet users on standard web protocols. The IT group made all contents available also to external roaming or hosted users, who can connect to the portal home page only over a secure web connection, using a web browser which supports a 128 bit encryption schema.
The first page of the site is public accessible without need to log in, while the corporate and other personal workspaces can be accessed only over an authenticated channel. Users who do not have a login yet can make a request to their support personel (for Valsania corporate users) or to the address

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