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SharePoint ServicesWelcome to our corporate workspaces site collection!

All corporate users can have a personal SharePoint document workspace to store and exchange all kinds of informations.
Access to this areas outside the corporate network is allowed only to secure and authenticated channel. Please request more informations to your technical support staff, which will give you all the assistance you need to start using this powerful, reliable and secure application services.

We are working on our SharePoint infrastructure to improve the confidence that our users have with this platform. Seeking this goal, we are promoting this collaborative environment as a store for your personal data, which can be at the same time a working tool and a way to share your ideas and stuffs with friends and relatives all arond the globe, obviously in compliance with our corporate security and privacy policies. By the way, there is no way for corporate users to auto-provisioning their workspaces yet, and at this time new subsites can only be added by adopting the following procedures.

Administrators: create new workspace
Corporate users: request workspace activation

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